Day: October 11, 2018

A friend was slapped with a heavy fine because she had conveniently forgotten to be prudent. We can cry as much as we want over the fact that we are adults and that we know how to exercise our discretion but the truth is that sometimes we are nonchalantly negligent and sometimes extremely overconfident that we will get through this without harm; without anyone knowing about our sex toys buying adventures. Alas!

I was watching a Youtube account promote where the actor was actually mimicking what it is to receive a parcel that has taglines on it saying “edible undies for that insatiable hunger” and how he fumbles when the customs guys grill him on the contents. It was a hilarious watch but the sad truth is that it could be a reality. It can happen to anyone!!

If you have been thinking of buying a few things discreetly but cannot figure out how; here is a list that will help you do it like a pro:

  1. Go incognito:

This mode can be the best way to purchase things that you don’t want anyone to know about. The browser cannot save the history and that will prevent it from popping up in your search predictions too. The cookies also don’t get saved in this mode. So you are safe!

  1. No purchases strictly on your plastic please:

Opt to make payment via a third party through their payment gateways. This avoids registering your name and card details in the invoice.

  1. Discreet packaging:

Ask the company if they will repack the goods in the way that you don’t want anyone to start imagining about you. It will do you a great service and save the neighbors shock to not find articles on your doorstep that makes their imagination run wild. Lol!