Day: February 5, 2019

When you are on a weight loss journey you are bound to face lots of challenges and obstacles. When you are determined about your goal and focus in achieving it you are sure to succeed. Yes, it is true that you need a lot of self motivation to achieve 100 pounds of weight loss in 6 months. The key to weight loss is eating fewer than you burn. The calorie deficit that you create through eating and burning decides the amount of weight you will lose. If you are a busy individual and cannot follow your own diet plan, you can sign up for successful weight loss programs like Nutrisystem. The program lets you lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month through its newest launch FreshStart plan. Visit to know how Nutrisystem differs from the other diet planners available in the market.

To lose 1 pound of fat you need to create a calorie deficit of 3500 calories. Therefore, you will have to burn 350000 calories in 6 months of period to lose 100 pounds. When you divide the total calories by 6 months, you will get the amount of calories per month that you will be burning which is 58000 calories. This translates to 1900 calories per day.  How to achieve 1900 calories of deficit per day?

Most of the weight loss programs do not recommend dipping below 1200 calories per day. Eating fewer than 1200 calories per day will bring about nutrition deficiency and health complications. For example, if you consider a woman weighing 250 lbs trying to lose weight, she will be able to burn 2500 calories by limiting the food intake to 1200 calories per day. This way she will be able to arrive at a deficit of 1200 calories per day which is great. Therefore, the extra 700 calories can be obtained through exercises and making smart lifestyle changes.