Earth Pet - A HEALTHY world for PETS!
Does your dog fear the word, "BATH"?
Well fear no more!!!
The Wetlands dog wash surrounds
you and your dog with a beautiful
hand painted mural to provide a
calming and enjoyable bathing
experience for you and your dog.
 Our tubs are raised and offer
security with walls on three sides,
and our rubber mats will keep their feet cozy and prevent slipping.  We also have the 'Bath Master' system that allows the shampoo to come out with the water.  This makes bathing a breeze!  Prefer it the old fashioned way?  Several undiluted shampoos are also available on tap!
Do you have multiple dogs?  Or a dog that doesn't like others?  No worries!  Our
wash room enclosures are 10'x10' and have a door so you can keep all your dogs
with you and safe while they wait their turn!
AND the more you bathe, the more you save!  With your Bubbly Buddies Scrub
Club card, after 6 baths the 7th is FREE!!!

Due to the amount of dog washes we have been receiving, an appointment may be necessary.  Thank you!
  15 minutes or less
  $20 per 1 dog

  $18 per dog for 2 dogs

  $17 per dog for 3 or more dogs
  30 minutes
  Each additional 15 minutes
Join our Bubbly Buddies Scrub Club, after 6 baths your 7th is FREE!!!

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