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There are no supermoms only moms who are organized and plan their days systematically and know to use their time judiciously. Those who are still struggling to reach that “super” status read on to learn some tricks to keep your meals in your control. For more tips, you can always rely on


  1. Plan your meals for the week: It is crucial that you know what you are going to make before you hit the road. Right from pantry staples like bread, milk, bananas to the exact ingredients needed for every meal of the week you must have in your list.
  2. Check the refrigerator: Ensure that there are no leftovers.
  3. Take inventory: Then take inventory of what is there in the pantry and strike those off the list. Now you are set to go for the actual shopping.
  4. Check for sales: Now, check out the online store for any discounts or sales, look for the sale pamphlets that came with the morning newspaper.
  5. Accumulate your coupons: check the expiry date on your coupons and keep them handy.
  6. Items to buy in bulk: Always stock up on bread, cheese, and meats as they can be worked into a wide variety of dishes. Keep your freezer stocked with them.
  7. Multiple uses of the same ingredient: When you plan your meals identify the ingredient with less shelf life which you will typically use only once and try to find more recipes that use up that ingredient this way there is no waste.
  8. Be alert while billing: Cashiers are human and they can make mistake; sometimes the wrong code is keyed in and you can be billed for a wrong item. But if you are attentive you can avoid such mistakes.
  9. Buy freezer items last: Start with the household items before moving to pantry section and finally ending at freezer items to minimize the time these goods remain without proper refrigeration.
  10. Be flexible: You might find items not on the list but on sale, so pick them up and change the menu to suit the item.