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Follow the below tips and tricks to attract customers and make more people visit your store:

Good window display:  Ensure that window display is changed frequently.  It should be according to the latest trend.  Ensure that old model item, broken items, and dirty and damaged items are not there on display.

Attractive signboard:  Make the signboard visible with large font and attractive like neon signs.  The signboard should make your store distinctive and different.  It should be such that it stays in the memory of the customer.

Kid attracting features:  Try to attract more kids.  Provide facilities like play area.  Distribute things like tiny toys, Sleekwristbands free of cost.

Add-on points to encourage revisit:  Provide adds on points for every purchase which can be redeemed while repurchasing.  This will encourage people to buy more again and again.

Discounts:  Offer reasonable discounts.  Ensure that discounts do not eat away profits.  Advertise the discount in a bigger way to encourage buying crowd.

Festival themes:  Decorate the entire store in a thematic way based on on-coming festivals, latest movies etc.  This will attract more people to step inside.  Conduct in-store contest and give nice prizes.  Encourage buyers to take selfies inside the store with the decoration background and post them in social networking apps.

Easy parking: If parking space is not sufficient and the process of parking is cumbersome then people will avoid your store.  Provide a spacious parking area.

Fast billing with multiple payment options:  Ensure that customers do not get irritated and tired by standing in lengthy queues.  Take the help of technology and make things faster and smarter.  Barcoding, QR codes etc. will make billing fast.  Provide options for payment without standing on line.

Good salesmen:  Last but not least is the store must employ excellent sales person who attends customers speedily and handle queries smartly.